SweatVac Fabric Technology

The SweatVac Advantage - A Technical Althetic Fabric

innovative athletic headwear and tees

For nearly two decades, SweatVac Performance Wear and its sibling companies have been keeping athletes of all stripes cool and dry with innovative headwear and tees. Created by an avid cyclist and founded on the principle that every athlete deserves high-quality gear that is both comfortable and effective, our products have been tried and tested in every condition by pro and amateur athletes alike. 


Moisture wicking Technical fabric

Coupled with superior construction and fit, our products utilize a multilayer system of moisture-wicking technical fabrics. Our UltraVac™ liner, made from an ultra-thin fabric woven with thermoplastic polymers, is placed against the skin, where it wicks sweat away and into the outer DriSmart™ fabric shell, where the  moisture then evaporates, keeping you cool and dry.


performance race gear

Our line of race gear has grown over the years from a few cycling bandanas to include a variety of under helmet caps, running hats and visors, winter beanies, tech tee shirts and custom race team clothing that have become favorites of moving-types all over the world.  No matter what kind of athlete you are, what you wear matters.  We’ve made sure that our products will perform well, so that you can too.

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